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About Buursma Agency

In winter, early 1964, Andy Buursma started in the insurance business, working with farmers, finding solutions to their health and life insurance needs, with a company called Michigan Farmer. Andy created a clientele that relied upon him to implement insurance coverage that provided both confidence and comfort for their future. After the first couple of years, Andy expanded his practice to include estate planning.

By the early 1970’s, The Buursma Agency had become known as a professional resource for clients from all walks of life, be it farming, physician, business owner or retiree, for health and life insurance. In 1986, Kurt Buursma joined his father, Andy.

With Kurt on board, the decision was made to expand into the group insurance market, and The Buursma Agency quickly became known in West Michigan as a qualified provider of insurance products both for groups and individuals, for health, life, disability, dental, vision and Medicare planning. In 1997, The Buursma Agency moved from an office in the family home to 8th Street, and continued to service both their existing as well as new client needs.

Over the years, The Buursma Agency has become well versed with all of the governmental regulations related to employee benefits, and has counseled clients on the best strategy for navigating the sometimes difficult processes brought on by new legislation. This includes not only COBRA, HIPAA and FMLA, but has expanded significantly with the advent of the Affordable Care Act. The Buursma Agency has become well known as a very knowledgeable resource for compliance with governmental regulation. In addition, The Buursma Agency has become known as a provider of wellness and human resource support. There is a wide array of offerings from which employers can choose for just the right type of wellness program to meet the needs of their team. In addition, on the HR support side, we provide plan documents that include compliance requirements and regular communication to employees.

In July of 2016, The Buursma Agency joined forces with DeLong and Brower, a CPA and Retirement Planning Company. This collaboration is sure to bring significant value not only to the clients of Buursma Agency, but DeLong and Brower as well, as additional professional resources are now available on accounting, taxes, financial review and retirement planning.

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