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Kurt Buursma - Licensed Health and Life Agent

Kurt has been a licensed insurance agent since 1987.  He specializes in group benefits, including health, life, dental, short and long term disability, vision, long term care and Medicare plans.  Working with and helping businesses grow as well as navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance has been a career long goal.
In addition to employer groups, he works with individuals for life, disability, Medicare plans and Long Term Care.
Kurt has been an enrolled agent with the Healthcare.gov Marketplace, assisting individuals with seeking subsidy assistance, choosing the most appropriate plan available, and enrolling individuals and families into a health plan.
Kurt has been a lifelong resident of West Michigan.  He and his wife Molly, have four children and four grandchildren. They enjoy life on the lake and riding their scooter around for fun!

E-mail Kurt: kurt@buursmaagency.com

Kurt - Buursma Agency
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